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ps. we have racoons
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Welcome to the Universe…
Welcome to the spin off community of the popular gossip site ohnotheydidnt, your #1 source for all things 30 Seconds to Mars! This place was made for those who are interested in the band and their members (you can take that anyway you like)!

But...what is the point in this place?

As much as we love Oh No, They Didn't! There are just some things they don't understand like the lolz behind Shannon singing 'All Is Full of Love' or the heart break we feel over their bad hair cuts. Here we are here to serve all these needs and you shall be treated like our brother/sister/cousin/half-sibling/uncle/aunt/crazy grand parent! So just join already!

Note before entering: If you can't take a joke this probably isn't the best place for you.

Important Links:
| ONTD!30stm official twitter | Official Page | Official Messageboard | Trophy Room | Official Merch | Official UK Merch page | Official Myspace | ABeautifulLie.org | The House the Echelon Built | Argus Apocraphex.com | Official Kyte channel | Official Twitter | Official Facebook | Sign up for the official mailing list

Think there should be a link here that isn’t? Comment this post! If it is a fansite please make sure it is about the whole band and not just one of its members.
- This is very much a pro-30 Seconds to Mars site but we don't mind poking a little fun at them from time to time.

- We get the point, *insert name here* is a bag of douche. We don't care.

- NO WANK! I can not stress enough how I want to keep drama out of here, I know that it will more than likely happen from time to time but do not start fights with people because they don't like your favorite member or some shit like that.

- All trolls will be shot on sight....or failing that banned from the community and spammed with pictures of Lindsay Lohan's twat. No joking.

- We don't care if you think you're gonna marry *insert name here* don't try and make posts about that, it will just be rejected.

- We do not accept/approve candid paparazzi photos. This place is not a gossip site and the guys need their private life. If you want gossip please go here.

- If it is huge, long, boring or nswf it MUST go under an cut! If you do not know how to do one it is simple:

If you don't do this or your cut is wrong your post will be rejected.

- If the picture is over 300 px in width or 400 px in height you must either re-size it or use photobucket to make a clickable thumbnail. If you don’t your post will be rejected.

- Post containing more than one picture must also be put under a cut. You can have one preview picture and the rest under the cut. Do not hotlink any images, make sure you upload it to a place like tinypic cause no one wants to see a big stupid yellow frog when we are really interested in the pretty.

- You must link back to the original place where you found the information/image/video/whatever. If your post does not have one you it will be rejected.

- Do not make an introduction post, you can tell use all about yourself here!

- We will not accept icon posts! There are plenty of communities out there already that deal with that.

- If you need to contact one of the mods please send them a personal inbox message! It is the quickest way of getting a response.

- Mods shall tag your posts for you, just so ya'll don't get mixed up.

- Keep the community active!

ps. we have racoons
Tag lines...
- ontd_30stm: if nothing else, there will be plaid.
- ontd_30stm: ....~soooooooon.
- ontd_30stm: believers in men in tights.
- ontd_30stm: made in 4 different countries, 5 different continents.
- ontd_30stm: loves your country and your inspiring people.
- ontd_30stm: ps. we have raccoons
- ontd_30stm: are not sharks.
- ontd_30stm: are valid human babies.
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